Application form for candidates

APPLICATION FORM for candidates

I would like to apply with a project idea to be developed into an open e-learning course within the Open Education for a Better World mentoring programme.
    To enable us to ensure the best possible match between mentors and projects, please specify which from the list of 17 sustainable development goals is addressed by your project idea:
  • If possible provide a link to your own material for a more detailed presentation of your idea (e.g. a video recording of a 2 minute pitch).
  • I understand that the courses will be chosen based on: their social impact, the maturity of the idea for the course, estimation of the project feasibility. Final selection will be done based on a skype interview. I commit myself to implement the course by 5 July 2019 following the guidelines received from the mentors. I enclose my CV in which I include my - experience with e-learning, - experience with teaching and/or consulting, - Experience with open education.