Project description:

The purpose of this six-month project is to design a series of digital modules and learning resources that may be added to post-secondary in-person or online courses. Using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a foundation, mini-modules and resources will be developed using open educational resources (OER) with a focus on problem and project-based teaching. Examples, including modules in multiple disciplines, with a variety of activities and assessment suggestions will be included in the project. Several collaborative and individual-work activities will be designed to suit diverse learner needs. A foundational series of mini-modules on OER including discernment (how to find OER), adaptation (how to remix and revise OER), inclusive design (ensuring better accessibility through tools and user choice), and copyright (how to share OER using Creative Commons licenses) will be shared. Leveraging the opportunity of the Creative Commons Summit 2018 (April 12-14 in Toronto, Ontario), an open, collaborative workshop will be conducted to increase the number and diversity of resources available by July, 2018.

Video presentation of the project available HERE.


Author: Jenni  Hayman, eCampusOntario, Canada. A passionate educator, collaborator and advocate for effective open and online learning in a global context. Bringing a wealth of experience in leadership and innovation, education research, and administration to successful learner outcomes. Personal values include helping to ensure education for all, and supporting educators to develop effective and efficient methods that lead to both learner and instructor satisfaction. Strengths include establishing evidence-based policies, processes, templates, and professional development for higher education stakeholders that lead to excellence in the form of well-prepared and fully supported graduates.

Lead Mentor:  Prof. dr.  Rory McGreal is a Professor and Director of  Technology Enhanced  Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University and UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning/International Council for Open and Distance Education Chair in OER.



Co-Mentor: Prof. dr.  Pedro Mendoza Arana is Profesor Principal en Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He is active promoter of open education in Peru. He is voting representative of UNMSM at the Open Education Consortium. He created three master degree courses in blended format in 2017 and one MD course in blended format in 2015. He has been creating two ongoing research projects on open education use and willingness to use in Peru. He has a PhD in Medicine and obtained Master of Science in Health Planning and Financing, at London School of Economics de la University of London.


This project is part of the Mentoring Programme “Open Education for a Better World” run in partnership by the UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for OER and Open Learning at the Jozef Stefan Institute and the University of Nova Gorica.