ExplorEdu is a system of freely available web services and mobile applications for automatic identification, capture, enrichment, editing, in-depth analysis and intelligent use of freely available educational resources, existing web and mobile educational services, studies and results of research projects, lesson plans, rules and legislation in Slovenia, Europe and the world.

The purpose of the project proposal ExplorEdu is to establish an online service for automatic acquisition, structuring and analysis of all relevant data and information, open education, and mobile clients for contextual view, change-oriented and semi-automatic creation of freely available training modules for the needs of the target groups of teachers, trainers, teachers, learners and researchers. ExplorEdu web services will constitute the core technology that will be used in existing information services such as SIO and ScienceAtlas, OpeningupSlovenia portal as well as the base service for the UNESCO Chair of open technologies and open learning. ExplorEdu mobile application will serve as a basis for contextual and targeted investigation and semi-automatic structuring of open educational modules. The baseline technologies and solutions will be based on existing open services that have been developed at JSI and that are part of applications such as: http://newsfeed.ijs.si, http://enrycher.ijs.si, http: // eventregistry.org, http://searchpoint.ijs.si, http://scienceatlas.si, iDiversiNews (App Store) and http://videolectures.net.

ExplorEdu will:

  • allow open access to all collected freely available educational resources of different modalities (text, numeric, video, graphs, structured knowledge)
  • offer a range of innovative services based semantic technologies for comprehensive empirical analysis of the Slovenian open educational resources as an in-depth search for text and video analysis of developments in the Slovenian educational environment, including the competence charts, graphs collaborative, prediction, trends and simulations, as well as tools for acquisition, assembly, reuse and optimization of educational content
  • allow bi-directional data transfers between existing services such as SIO database (with local educational data)
  • enable integration between databases States initiatives OpeningupSlovenia, VideoLectures.Net, scienceatlas.si and ist-world.org,
  • allow open access to other services such as web portal. SIO portal, portals, educational institutions, portals development departments, etc. with the aim of promoting wider Slovenian open educational content.

The main objective of the project is to establish a uniform system for easy and open access to open educational resources and data with the aim of centralizing materials and promoting new ideas, cooperation between local educators, institutions and industry, the promotion of educational content and achievements at home and abroad and establishing creative environments in the field of innovative and intensive use of ICT in educational processes. Sign of the project is carried out within the framework of initiatives OpeningupSlovenia and follow the communique “Opening Up Education”.

List of Beneficiaries:

  1. Jožef Stefan Institute
  2. University of Maribor
  3. University of Primorska
  4. University of Ljubljana
  5. University of Nova Gorica
  6. School Centre Kranj
  7. OS Savsko Naselje primary school, representative of the national primary schools cluster
  8. Vrtec Trnovo kindergarten, representative of the national kindergarten cluster