Project description:

Communication artifact as an archive
1. Meaning of the word “archive” in art
1.1 The concept of the archive in the work of Michel Foucault and Mikhail Bakhtin and the production of archive art
1.2 Digital Archives – the database as a material medium and a cultural form (Lev Manovich)
1.3 Aesthetics of archive in historical avant-gardas and neoavantgards (Benjamin H. D. Buchloh)
1.3.1 “Institutional critique”
1.4 Different approaches to archive art
1.5 Reality as archive – nanotechnology and algorithmic revolution
2.1 The photographic realism of the 19th century in the tension between “realism” and “nominalism”
2.2 Synthetic realism (Lev Manovich)
3 “The allegorical gaze” of Walter Benjamin
3.1 Adorno’s rejection of Benjamin
3.2 György Lukács and Benjamin
3.3 “The idea” of tragic drama (Trauerspiel)
3.4 Srečo Dragan: Rotas Axis Mundi (1995/96)
3.5 Computer data processing, semiosis and language (David Link)
4 Philosophical pragmaticism and realist discourse – Hans Vilmar Geppert: Der realistische Weg
4.1 The concept of crisis and (literary) realism of the 19th century

Video of presentation available HERE.

Author: Dr. Aleš Vaupotič, Univerza v Novi Gorici, Slovenia, his research subjects are realism in literature and in other arts, theory of discourse (M. Foucault, M. Bakhtin), new historicism, semiotics (C. S. Peirce), media theory and media history;, theory and methodology of digital humanites. Curator in the field of new media art. Artist in the field of video and new media.



Lead Mentor: Geoffrey Cain, Green River College. He is a Community College teacher and an Education Consultant interested in instructional design, online learning, connectivism, MOOCs, open education resources, and open textbooks and anything else that will lower costs and help broaden the access to education for students.  Specialties: teaching, learning, Adult Basic Education, OER, open education resources, open textbooks, instructional design, 21st Century Skills, elearning, collaborative learning, connectivism

Co- Mentor:  Dr Cynthia Yuan Gao, Director of Open Educational Resources Lab, Senior Researcher at Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University.  Her main research interests include development and implication of OER, instructional design, teaching and learning in smart learning environment, educational technology, educational psychology, and foreign/second language learning and instruction. Based on her wide-ranging interests, she has a number of publications on the relevant disciplines. Since 2016, she attended and led a series of academic/research activities under the framework of ‘Belt and Road’ initiatives proposed by Chinese government. She contributed to a number of publications related to open educational resources, and attended to establish an international community of OER, which includes more than 60 organizations from 43 countries.


This project is part of the Mentoring Programme “Open Education for a Better World” run in partnership by the UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for OER and Open Learning at the Jozef Stefan Institute and the University of Nova Gorica.